Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday School: Adventures in Odyssey (1991)

Spun off from a long running radio show of the same name, Adventures in Odyssey is a 17-episode video series that is currently running in reruns on Daystar & PBS Kids Sprout (check local listings). I happened across the show while channel surfing this morning, and decided to check it out.

A little backstory. Odyssey, as noted, started as a radio series produced by the evangelical group Focus on the Family, which is still running today, and features a standout voice cast including some familiar talents such as Jess Harnell (ex-Animaniacs, etc.), Townsend Coleman (The Tick, Pro-Stars), and, in the early years, Walker Edmiston, better known for his work with the Kroffts in the 70's, and Hal Smith (Davey & Goliath, The Andy Griffith Show).

Here's a sample clip:

The above clip only scratches the surface of the series, and, sadly, there were no clips of the episode I watched today, which sent Eugene (one of the main characters) & Dylan (created for the video series) into the Old West. Hey, you can't have everything.

Rating: A.


Anonymous said...

Focus on Families: The so-called "christian" group that has secretly been trying to infiltrate the US Air Force academy with their members. I thought christianity was supposed to be pacifist and non-violent?

hobbyfan said...

Most of these activist/watchdog groups are based in the South or Midwest, and I think Focus on the Family falls into one of those geographical categories.

The Bible teaches us to turn the other cheek, but that's kind of hard to do when faced with adversities on either side........