Monday, April 13, 2015

Toonfomercial: Do you remember Sir Grapefellow & Baron von Redberry? (1972)

It wasn't enough that General Mills had the Monster Cereals line. In 1972, the company introduced two more cereals whose animated namesakes feuded with each other. Instead of classic monsters, Sir Grapefellow & Baron von Redberry were WWI pilots. Scope these ads.

Because of the similarities between these cereals and other "Big G" products, particularly Boo Berry & Franken Berry, Grapefellow and von Redberry didn't last too long. In fact, I have 0 memory of seeing either cereal in my area.


Silverstar said...


That's obscure. I've never heard of these guys, and I pride myself on remembering most of the old cereal mascots; I remember O.J. Joe (OJ's cereal), Waffle-O Bill (Waffle-O's), Maj. Moonstone and the Moonbeams (Moonstones) and Ice Cream Jones (Ice Cream Cones cereal) but Sir Grapefellow and Baron von Redberry managed to completely slip under my radar.

The Baron sounds like he might have been voiced by Arte Johnson; he sounds a lot like Johnson's German solider character from 'Laugh-In' ("Verrrry interesting!"). Is that him?

hobbyfan said...

Not to my knowledge. One commentator on YouTube said that Grapefellow was George S. Irving, the narrator of Underdog. Not sure about Redberry.