Saturday, April 4, 2015

Saturtainment: Pop! Goes The Country (1974)

Back in the day, it was fairly common to find not just Hee Haw, but also other country music programming in syndication. Hee Haw, cancelled in 1971 by CBS, found new life in syndication,  treading ground already trod by the likes of Porter Wagoner, from whose series POP! Goes The Country supposedly was spun off from.

Radio personality Ralph Emery was the series' 1st host, but for some reason, the producers replaced him with singer-songwriter Tom T. Hall for the final 2 seasons (1980-2). Comic Jim Varney, better known for his alter-ego, Ernest P. Worrell, would join the show in the final season.

From 1980, here's a clip that also appears over at The Land of Whatever. Comedian Foster Brooks gets serious and nails a cover of "Release Me". Whod'athunk?

Rating: A.

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