Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rare Treats: A pair of Milky Way ads from the 60's

Here's a pair of forgotten Milky Way candy ads from the 60's, back when Mars, Inc. actually promoted themselves.

The first spot is animated, with the inestimable Paul Frees as the voice of the candy bar. The second is a live-action piece with silent movie legend Buster Keaton.

A check of Wikipedia claims that the defunct Forever Yours bar was a dark chocolate version of Milky Way that had been around for years. Not that I could recall. Forever Yours actually was a short-lived brand and was revived under the Milky Way label twice in later years (Milky Way Dark & Milky Way Midnight), neither of which got over all that well, either.


magicdog said...

Buster was appearing in a few other productions at the tail end of his life/career. I'm assuming he needed the money and hoped he could get younger fans to notice.

He didn't appear to have lost anything in his commercial - especially with the jump backwards! Classic Keaton.

hobbyfan said...

He did a lot of television at the end of his career, including getting his own show, IIRC. The same can be said for the likes of Peter Lorre and Boris Karloff.

Mark Watson said...

For pleasure that I CAN'T measure, watch this rare Milky Way ad!

hobbyfan said...

Be'lee that, playa.