Monday, April 27, 2015

Toon Legends: Scooby-Doo vs. dancing zombies? (Dance of the Undead, Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated, 2013)

We've previously shown you some musical clips from the Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated episode, "Dance of the Undead". Now, we're finally able to show you the complete episode, sans commercials.

To recap, Rude Boy & the Ska-Tastics have returned from the dead, and their new sound is turning people into dancing zombies, leading to a battle of the bands between the Ska-Tastics and the Hex Girls, the latter aided by Scooby (Frank Welker) and Shaggy (Matt Lilliard). Original MTV VJ Martha Quinn guest stars as herself, represented as a music store owner. Dave Wakeling, formerly of General Public, wrote all of Rude Boy's music, and voices Rude Boy.

Edit: 4/28/15: Unfortunately, no sooner than this video was posted than the YouTube account it was attached to was terminated and the video deleted by YouTube. Hence, we have this excerpt with Shaggy and the Hex Girls.

As has been previously been documented, season 2 episodes were "stripped", or aired on weekdays, in two chunks, as Cartoon Network burned off the series. They also did show runner Mitch Watson no favors with his next project, Beware the Batman, pulling it out of daytime after a few weeks in the fall of 2013.

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magicdog said...

This episode was fun for many reasons!

It was great to see Martha Quinn again (so to speak). She was my favorite female Vee-Jay back in the day.

Second - the returnof the Hex Girls - in their old outfits! Notto mention an explanation for why they were in their old costumes!

Seeing a literal battle of the bands. Jane Weidlin is hilarious as she begs to be able to put on her "war paint".

Dave Wakeling was also a great spot! According to what I'd read at the time, he did a marathon recording session of both his speaking parts and the song. 12 whole hours IIRC.

Yes, CN did the show no favors by burning off the episodes, but in a way, it worked out since I was home to watch them and not having to wait for the next chapter.

I would have loved to have seen a third season; imagine what the show would have been like had the kids made it to Miskatonic University! I only wish some of the stories from that universe could turn up in the DTV movies.

hobbyfan said...

Oh, you ain't alone when it comes to Martha. I had a crush on her myself.

I really believe the basic plot was done backwards. Introducing Ricky, Judy, et al as the original MI was wrong. They should've been the new team learning from Fred and the gang.