Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Looney TV: Bugs Bunny as Superman (The Looney Tunes Show, 2014)

Back in the 40's, Bugs Bunny starred in a satire of Superman, "Super Rabbit". At the time, Warner Bros. didn't have the rights to the Man of Steel (Paramount-Famous Studios did), which they would obtain a couple of decades later.

As WB wrapped up The Looney Tunes Show last year, producers Spike Brandt & Tony Cervone, who'd already had Daffy Duck, as Duck Dodgers, meet Green Lantern 11 years earlier, decided to pay homage to Superman, and, more specifically, "Superman 2", with the series finale, also entitled, "Super Rabbit".

Going out of continuity, Bugs (Jeff Bergman) spins a yarn to Daffy (Bergman) about his time as the Hare of Steel, battling Brainiac (Marvin the Martian), Luthor (Elmer Fudd), and finally, in the "Superman 2" portion, General Zod (Daffy).

And dig that twist finish involving another DC legend.........

Blowing up the thumb for a super-punch was an old Popeye gimmick, but, whatever.

Rating: A.


magicdog said...

This is hilarious!

That is all.

hobbyfan said...

Now, that's what I call going out with a bang.