Saturday, April 4, 2015

It Should've Been on a Saturday: Grossology (2006)

Call it The X-Files for the hygiene-conscious set.

Grossology never aired on NBC when the network had a deal with Discovery Kids (now Discovery Family), but, to be honest with you, they should've.

Based on a Canadian children's book, Grossology premiered first in Canada in 2006, then migrated to this country a year later. Built around teen siblings Ty & Abby, the series teaches important lessons about hygiene and other matters, such as insects. Ty & Abby also have individual issues to deal with in school during the series. I think some of the artists might've also worked on those Esurance ads with Erin Esurance before this, but I don't know for sure.

In the episode, "New Recruits", Ty & Abby recall how they started as Grossologists while tracking down rogue agent turned villain Lance Boil.

When Discovery Kids morphed into the Hub (2010-4), Grossology inexplicably wasn't featured and phased out. Their loss.

Rating: B.

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