Sunday, March 15, 2015

Toon Sports: The Hup, Two, Three, Four 500 (Fender Bender 500, 1990)

The Fender Bender 500 goes airborne in the above video. It's actually more fun listening to Shadoe Stevens (American Top 40, ex-Max Monroe, Loose Cannon) calling the race. Wacky Races was never this wack.

Rating: B+.


Goldstar said...

As I noted on my look back at H-B's "Wake, Rattle and Roll" on The Twin Factor last year, anyone who's familiar with "The Wacky Races" already knows the formula of "Fender Bender 500". Basically, H-B tried to re-create the magic of WR only this time with established H-B stars instead of original characters. One of the high points of "Fender Bender 500" (aside from having Shadoe Stevens as the announcer) was that it marked the return of Winsome Witch, a character whom I honestly believed that the studio had completely forgotten about.

hobbyfan said...

Y'think maybe they went the aerial route to give Winnie a chance at winning?

Unfortunately, Winnie was sent back to the vault after Wake, Rattle, & Roll was cancelled, though I'd not be surprised if the morons at [adult swim] tried getting their hands on her.