Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rein-Toon-Ation: Free Willy (1994)

After it was a surprise summer hit in 1993, "Free Willy" was spun off into a short-lived Saturday morning cartoon series, co-produced by Warner Bros. and Canada's Nelvana, for ABC. While there were some movie sequels, the cartoon was unable to sustain the momentum of the first film, probably due to the one year time lag in between.

Free Willy continues the story of Willy and his human pal, Jesse, who now have a recurring nemesis in a corrupt oilman turned cyborg known as The Machine. Like, was this really necessary? Y'think maybe forcing a narrative that didn't belong was what led to cancellation?

Here's the intro:

Too, I think viewers might've been expecting a soundtrack featuring the late Michael Jackson, who recorded the hit, "Will You Be There?", for the first film's soundtrack, but of course, that wasn't happening.

I have no memory of watching the show, so there's no rating.

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