Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Saturtainment: Foofur (1986)

Foofur spent 2 seasons on NBC, and was the last of three series Hanna-Barbera co-produced with SEPP (Smurfs & Snorks being the others).

Foofur (Frank Welker) has inherited his owner's home, but the executor, a greedy Mrs. Escrow, wants to sell the estate. Adding to the complication is the fact that Foofur engineered the escape of a few furry friends from the animal shelter, and has them stored at the house. Mrs. Escrow and her dog, Pepe, try to expose Foofur's operation, but of course you know it won't work. If this part of the equation sounds familiar, well, it might be derivative of another H-B series airing around the same time, the original Pound Puppies over on ABC.

Never saw the show, so I can't rate it, but we'll leave you with the open:

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