Saturday, March 21, 2015

Teenage Toons: The Archies visit an abandoned mine (Who's Afraid of Reggie Wolf?, 1968)

The Archies check out a supposedly abandoned mine, only to discover it's something else entirely. Not surprisingly, a certain prankster arranged the whole thing in "Who's Afraid of Reggie Wolf?". Dreamworks Classic, the current rights holder, now has a YouTube channel, from whence we get this episode.

Reggie, as you can see, gave himself away by acting calm through the whole thing. No sooner had Betty & Veronica blamed Archie, than Reggie, predictably, turned the blame his way by laughing. Real smart, Reg. NOT!

Rating: B.


Austin Schivera said...

It weird that Dreamworks owns this because, BCI Enterpries used to own this. I wonder if Andy Mangels knows this because it used to be owned by BCI until Dreamsworks took it. Dreamworks and Disney should just leave everybody alone.

hobbyfan said...

Knowing Andy Mangels, he probably does.