Monday, March 2, 2015

Rein-Toon-Ation: Beethoven (1994)

After the success of a 1992 feature film, which has led to a sequel or three, Beethoven made the transition into a Saturday morning cartoon, airing on CBS. Director Ivan Reitman served as co-executive producer, as was the case on Real Ghostbusters.

Unable to convince Charles Grodin to reprise his role from the movie, Reitman turned to veteran Dean Jones, who played the villain of the piece, and had him take over for Grodin. Nicholle Tom (The Nanny) reprised her role from the film, and I think was the only one to do so.

One big diff was that in this series, Beethoven actually talked, mostly to other dogs and animals. Unfortunately, viewers were turned off by the slobbering St. Bernard's lack of manners, and the series was cancelled after 1 season.

Following is the episode, "The Dog Must Diet":

As of this writing, Universal has no plans to release the series on DVD.

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