Saturday, March 21, 2015

Celebrity Toons: More Tribbles, More Troubles (Star Trek, 1973)

Star Trek's most popular animated episode, some might guess, is a sequel to a well beloved episode of the live-action series.

Unfortunately, episodes are no longer available in full form. Here, then, is the trailer for "More Tribbles, More Troubles":

Out of Filmation's freshman class of 1973, Star Trek, unsurprisingly, was the most successful, but it wasn't the only adaptation of a TV series the studio produced that year. It just happened that Lassie's Rescue Rangers (ABC) & My Favorite Martians (CBS) flopped, and I think it might be because either one or both were slotted opposite Trek if my memory serves me correctly.

Rating: A.


phairhead said...

Star Trek: The Animated Series is FABULOUS. My personal favorite is Yesteryear.

"No, I-Chaya!" Fantastic :D

magicdog said...

Lane definitely wasn't the voice of Superman in Brady Kids. He was voicing Greg Brady after Barry Williams bowed out. I'm not sure who voiced Supes in that ep if Bud Collier was dead by the time the episode was produced - a quick search online didn't turn up anything either.

I never knew this episode was meant to have been an episode for the live action ST! The show overall was quite good for the times (having DC Fontana aboard was also a plus) and it was great to see aliens that would have been impossible to bring onscreen in TOS.

Ditto on the love for the episode, "Yesteryear". I still get a lump in my throat when Young Spock has to make the painful decision to put I-Chaya down. Heaven knows all pet owners have been in that position at one time or other.

hobbyfan said...

Had to delete a lot of the comments, including my own, after Austin Schivera deleted his, which killed the continuity of this thread.

With the animated Trek now available on Heroes & Icons on Sundays, I will see about pulling more episodes, if I can find them.