Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Toon Rock: You're Dead Right, Mate & We're The Good Bad Girls (2013)

While ye scribe didn't get to see a single second of season 2 of Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated, there are some bits that can get plugged in. You've already seen the 21st century reboot of Dynomutt & Blue Falcon, but now it's time to rock out.

Dave Waveling and the English Beat composed two songs for the episode, "Dance of the Undead", and guest star as Rude Boy and the Ska-tastics, an undead rock group brought back to life. This leads to a battle of the bands with the Hex Girls, making their 2nd appearance on the series. The Girls get help from Scooby (Frank Welker) & Shaggy (Matt Lillard) when it looks like all is lost. The Girls perform "We're the Good Bad Girls", while Rude Boy (English Beat) performs "You're Dead Right, Mate":

I really wish the complete episode, with extra special guest star Martha Quinn, would be available, but that's for another time........


magicdog said...

I sent you a reply to your question on TZ.

SDMI is also replaying on Boomerang in 1 hour blocks after SDWAY.

I liked this incarnation of the Hex Girls and they even had a few allusions to their first appearance in "Witch's Ghost"!

I didn't know Wakeling had written the song he recorded, but he was the perfect choice to sing for it! IIRC, he mentioned in an interview that he did a marathon 12 hour recording session between his VA and laying his tracks to "Dead Right Mate".

My only lament was the The Impossibles didn't get to perform on this incarnation. Maybe a future DTV.

hobbyfan said...

I logged on to watchcartoonsonline.com, and what do I get? It's no longer active. There's ad space that leads to places like Share TV. Meh.

Anyway, a Hex Girls series should've been considered after Witch's Ghost. Why WB/CN hasn't considered it after 15 years, I don't know. What are they waiting for?

magicdog said...

I just checked - it's up and running.

hobbyfan said...

Okay, I'll log on later.

George Llerena Torrico said...

...And this, my friends, is why Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated is the best iteration of the canine crime-fighter and his meddling pals we'll ever get. So impressively well-made, in fact, that is almost imposible that WB will ever have the guts to make another series like this ever again. Actually, they're reverting the characters (dumbing them down) for Be cool Scooby-Doo! which is, sadly, a step back from this truly epic Hanna-Barbera love letter. I don't know why CN executives think that, just because Adventure time and Regular show are so popular, that means everyone should want and watch pure comedy. That's just wrong and plainly unfair.

You need to get season 2 Hobbyfan. Right now. Go buy the DVD's, watch it on Boomerang or online. ASAP. I won't spoil it for you but... sweet Jesus be prepared. If season 1 shocked you, season 2 will blow your mind. References galore, David Lynch, the Shining, a complex plot and so many jokes that no kid watching this will get, and a surprisingly amount of adult themes in a (supposedly) kids cartoon. In show's co-creator Tony Cervone's own words, [SDMI] "It’s deep and it’s dense and it only gets deeper, denser and stranger from here on in. It's so great... I don't even know why they let us make it." Indeed, I myself don't know how much of the adult stuff on SDMI got past the censors at CN, especially season 2. You'll understand when you have seen it.

Interestingly, in various interviews Tony also states that CN executives encouraged the creative team to push the plot and make it as dark as they could. "Peter Roth, The UK Cartoon Network Executives and most of all Sam Register encouraged us to take risks and be daring every step of the way." Cervone states. Wonder why they're shifting to foolish non-sensical comedy now?

It makes me sad knowing that SDMI won't get a third season, despite it's greatness. However, I'm glad to have enjoyed this show from day one right down to the big, amazingly awesome series finale. When the pilot episode ended, I already knew this would be the best, funniest, most adult version of Scooby-Doo ever put on television and the best incarnation to ever come out of the franchise. Four years later, there are people rediscovering the series via Netflix, and 99.9% of the internet population agrees with this statement. Thanks to Mitch Watson, Tony Cervone, Spike Brandt, Sam Register for this 52-episode masterpiece and of course, a "special thanks" to Joe Ruby & Ken Spears for aprooving and supervising this series, which was basically "Scooby-Doo, Where are you!" made in the 21st century. (Everyone should check out the interviews with the series creators... you'll be surprised on how much of SDMI's concept, backstory and expanded material was directly drawn back from the original 1969 series.)

Now... waiting for the Flintstones comeback next year. I know Tony and Spike won't disappoint!

hobbyfan said...

CN suits might've encouraged the creative team to go dark when the series began, George, but they turned on that same creative team by burning out season 2 in a daily format, as has been discussed here previously.

Having seen early designs for Be Cool, Scooby-Doo, due next year, it's going to be a contender for worst incarnation ever.

As for Brandt & Cervone on the Flintstones? Other than the WWE movie, I haven't heard anything about new Flintstones projects. Enlighten me.