Monday, July 21, 2014

From Comics to Toons: Archie & Reggie duel for Veronica, while Hot Dog enters a dog show (1968)

From The Archie Show:

In this particular show, you'll hear two distinctive versions of Jughead. Howard Morris is heard in the first story, "A Hard Day's Knight", but he missed the recording for "Beauty is Only Fur Deep", so venerable Don Messick, making his Filmation debut, subs. Messick would later be cast as Sabrina's boyfriend, Harvey, when the teenage witch joined the fun the following season.

In "A Hard Day's Knight", Veronica (Jane Webb) is on a chivalry kick, prompting Archie (Dallas McKennon) and Reggie (John Erwin) to duel for her honor in more ways than one. Then, Hot Dog (McKennon) is entered in a dog show to combat Reggie's entry.

I remember seeing "Knight" in syndication while in high school. Typical slapstick silliness.

Rating: B.

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