Thursday, July 3, 2014

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: The Impossibles vs. The Spinner (1966)

The Impossibles are caught in a web of trouble when they face off with the Spinner in this installment. This episode appears on Saturday Morning Cartoons: The 1960's: Volume 1, along with the trio's battle with the Bubbler (previously reviewed) and a Frankenstein, Jr. short.

Note that when narrator Paul Frees (also Fluid-Man & Big D) introduced the heroes, the "The" was added to Coil-Man (Hal Smith) and Multi-Man (Don Messick), but not Fluid-Man. It's rather unusual, actually, since normally there were no adjectives for any of the guys.

Now, don't ya just wish they finished any of their songs?

Rating: B+.


magicdog said...

The boys definitely should have been allowed to complete at least one of their tunes! I still don't know why HB never released any vinyl either. They had 9 songs and all they would have needed to release an album in the US was 3 more (US albums had a standard collection of 12 songs at the time). If they had 1/2 hour long adventures, we could have had some chase scenes in which the songs could have played out.

hobbyfan said...

Oh, had it been made 4 years later, maybe they do get a cereal box 45 or some such. Not enough forward thinking in those days.