Friday, July 11, 2014

Saturday Morning's Greatest Hits: Doin' The Banana Split (1968)

The Archie Show had a Dance of the Week segment, followed by a Song of the Week. The Banana Splits, at least once, decided to merge the two in one skit.

Fleegle (Paul Winchell) is looking to create a signature dance for the band, which, while never acknowledged on the air, would be in answer to the Archies, whom, if memory serves, aired opposite the Splits. Drooper (Allan Melvin) & Bingo (Daws Butler) help create that dance, which has its own theme song, "Doin' The Banana Split":

Now, that is wiggedy-wack beginner level fun.

Then, there was the time the Sour Grapes Bunch called a truce with the boys so they could all groove:

I wonder how many kids tried this at parties?

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