Friday, July 25, 2014

Bad TV: The Three Friends.....And Jerry (1998)

Fox Family (now ABC Family) made some pretty curious programming decisions in the late 90's. One of them was The Three Friends......And Jerry. Created in Europe and imported to the US, this aspired to be a clone of the long running Peanuts comic strip, except that Jerry has it worse than Charlie Brown. The Three Friends don't like him, but tolerate him as long as he's able to help them with their issues.

Also, some episodes reportedly had more mature themes than would normally be found in a kids' cartoon, topics you'd normally expect to find on one of those teen-coms that are being churned out like they were on assembly lines at Nickelodeon & Disney Channel.

Small wonder, then, that this series bombed out, cancelled after 1 season. As Fox had the rights here, Nick had them in England, which explains the old school Nick logo attached to this video, which features the episodes, "Olympic Games" & "Secret Box":

Giving some of the kids buck teeth didn't exactly help them win viewers now, did it? Hmmmmm, welllllll.....of course not!

Rating: D.

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