Thursday, July 10, 2014

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Buford & the Beauty (1978)

Ron Ray offers up a Buford Files tale of puppy love. Sort of.

Buford has fallen for a Hollywood dog, Dutchess, who's in town for a movie shoot. Of course, you know someone wants to spoil the party. If I recall correctly, they tried a similar plot with Scooby-Doo and his actress cousin, Scooby-Dee, a little while earlier. Maybe this is a recycled plot, subbing out family for a lovestruck Buford actually being a little more heroic.......

Here's "Buford & the Beauty":

Naturally, it's left to Woody & Cindy Mae to find the final clues. Never did like the gimmicked nose on Buford, though.

Rating: B-.


magicdog said...

This show had potential - but 70s era blockheads squashed it.

Any show about mystery solving would have needed a full 30 minute episode. There is virtually little set up in the way of suspects and motive - you see the woman barely enter the scene to let Dutchess into the trailer but no mention of who she was or why. I do like the idea of the money having been hidden in the wig though.

I never did like the Buford nose gimmick either.

Mark Watson said...

A great animated series - compelling!

hobbyfan said...

Yeah, the nose-siren gimmick was over the top, I will grant, and it was a turn-off. Too bad Buford was on NBC, costing him a team-up with Scooby-Doo.

However, teaming Buford with Scooby is still do-able in this era with WB running the show.