Monday, April 30, 2012

Saturtainment; Magilla Gorilla (1964)

"We've got a gorilla for sale......."

So began the theme to The Magilla Gorilla Show when it launched in 1964 as part of a 1 hour block, coupled with Peter Potamus. While Peter traveled the world and time in search of adventure, Magilla (Allan Melvin) was being displayed in the front window of Mr. Peebles' Pet Shop, but every time it seemed as though Peebles (Howard Morris) was able to make a sale, Magilla would always return for one reason or another.

Because of this, Magilla doubled as Peebles' only employee, doing odd jobs while waiting for a new home. It seemed as though little Ogee (Jean VanderPyl, The Flintstones) was the one who wanted Magilla the most, as evidenced by her frequent appearances. Magilla even posed as Ogee's favorite TV hero, the Purple Mask, in one episode.

Previously, we had posted the song, "Making With The Magilla", but now, here's the theme song that everyone knows virtually by heart. The closing, I believe, is the syndicated version that I remember when the reruns aired on WPIX back in the 70's. Bear in mind that the audio track is out of sync and is a bit ahead of the video.

Rating: B.


magicdog said...

I remember those carefree days watching this show on WPIX!

Looking back, I liked the friendship between Magilla & Ogee. Especially one episode in which she ran away from home and Magilla spent the entire night chasing after her and trying to bring her home! What a great buddy!

I also remember an episode in which Magilla spent the day telling her some fractured fairy tales, while inserting himself as the hero!

So cute!!

You can imagine my surprise that Magilla was voiced by Sam The Butcher from The Brady Bunch! Believe it or not I never made the connection!!

hobbyfan said...

By 1964, Allan Melvin had already been well established, having been on the Phil Silvers and Dick Van Dyke shows. Magilla gave him his first starring gig. The Brady Bunch, of course, would come along a few years after Magilla.

magicdog said...

I know Melvin had an established career before Magilla, but most kids of my generation were more likely to have seen reruns of Brady Bunch than Sgt. Bilko.

I'll think of Sam the Butcher before any other role Melvin played.

hobbyfan said...

And, of course, right before the Brady Bunch, Allan was the announcer----and Drooper---on Banana Splits. Pretty diverse guy, as it turns out.