Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saturday School: Space Academy (1977)

Filmation takes us to the 38th century with 1977's Space Academy, which had but one season of episodes on CBS before giving way to Jason of Star Command the next season.

If you've ever imagined a school being the entirety of a planet, well, this is it. Jonathan Harris (ex-Lost In Space), who'd kept busy with a guest appearance on Ark II a year earlier, ended his association with Filmation after production concluded on the series, citing issues with----what else?---money. Harris, though, was at the front of a talented ensemble that also included another TV veteran, Pamelyn Ferdin (ex-Curiosity Shop), whose last face acting gig before Academy was acting opposite Paul Lynde on his self-titled ABC sitcom. Other than that, she'd kept busy doing voice work, mostly for Hanna-Barbera (i.e. The Roman Holidays). Brian Tochi might be better known for having worked with Clint Eastwood a few years later in "The Dead Pool", and Ty Henderson moved to voice acting the following year, working on the Superstretch & Microwoman segment of Tarzan & the Super 7.

Following is the series opener, "The Survivors Of Zalon". Harris provides the introductory narrative.

Space Academy replaced Ark II on the schedule, but ran into the same problems. Specifically, a poor timeslot and tough competition in terms of ratings, airing opposite The Krofft Supershow, which was in its 2nd & final season. It's a pity, as this show may've been ahead of its time.

Rating: B.

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