Thursday, April 12, 2012

Animated World of DC Comics: Young Justice (2010)

I originally reviewed Young Justice on my other blog, The Land of Whatever, back in January 2011, when the series began a weekly run on Cartoon Network. New episodes have finally started airing as part of the DC Nation package on Saturday mornings, coupled with Green Lantern.

Let's bring you up to speed. Young Justice is comprised of Kid Flash, Robin (founding members in the comics of the Teen Titans), Superboy, Aqualad (a new version created for the show, not the original), and Ms. Martian (who was created for a later comics incarnation of the Titans), and later joined by Artemis, not to be confused with the blonde Amazon who took over as the star of Wonder Woman's mag in the 90's. This Artemis is posited as a sub for Arrowette, who was part of the comic book Young Justice a few years ago. The producers thought Artemis was a cooler name. As the first 13 episodes closed, the writers had paired Superboy, a clone sprung from Cadmus' labs, with Ms. Martian (Danica McKellar, ex-The Wonder Years), and there is also a minor attraction between Artemis & Kid Flash, though I don't think that's meant to last.

Following is a sample clip from the series opener, "Independence Day":

Naturally, DC has launched a comic based on the show, as they do for all of their animated series. The only question that remains is how long WB will continue to produce Justice for CN.

Rating: A-.


magicdog said...

I've been watching the show from the beginning and I find it's a great follow up to the much missed DCAU.

YJ is often referred to as the beginning of the DCNU (N as in new universe).

I've posted in the Green Lantern blog that I'm not a comics geek so I don't always know what certain characters are supposed to be like or what fates befell them in the mainline DC universe. For that I'm glad since I get to enjoy stories and characterizations as the show's creators see fit. Greg Weisman, who's the main creative force behind the show, says the show is based in "Earth -16" so anything can happen.

I've seen the last several eps of the season (they're on YT in Portugese with English subtitles) so I know how things will end, but there are still plenty of questions and intrigue waiting for Season 2, which is scheduled to begin airing right after the season 1 finale on CN.

You mention you don't think Artemis & Kid Flash will last long, but then again how many teen romances are known to last?

Apparently, this show is also looking to pair Zatanna with Robin (Dick Grayson).

hobbyfan said...

Zatanna & Robin?! Ok, de-aging Zee for this series was done for a reason, but I know someone else who should be a match for Robin, if but to correct an oversight going back, oh, I'd say, 35 years. Hint: walking menagerie.