Sunday, April 22, 2012

Literary Toons: What-a-Mess (1990)

British comic Frank Muir created the children's book series, What-a-Mess, which first hit the air in England in 1990, and then was licensed by DIC in 1995, when it aired on ABC. Muir himself served as narrator for the series, lending his voice to a sheepdog. Regrettably, What-a-Mess lasted one season apiece in England & the US, and the situation was worse here, as ABC buried the show at 12 Noon (ET), where it was prone to frequent pre-emptions for college football, or, in the summer, the British Open golf tournament. Not only that, but in those days, affiliates still had the option of blacking out the show in favor of syndicated programming, which is what the affiliate in my market did, ensuring the series' demise.

Here's the open to the ABC/DIC version, uploaded by kimsy520:

Well, I never saw the show, so I can't rate it.

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