Sunday, April 1, 2012

It Should've Been on a Saturday (Morning): Bad News Bears (1977)

Following a wildly successful feature film, Paramount decided to turn the Bad News Bears into a sitcom, but it didn't last very long. Despite the mature themes, I felt it could've gotten wider exposure in a then-live-action-heavy CBS Saturday morning lineup, instead of airing in primetime, as it did during its all-too-short run.

TV vet Jack Warden (ex-N. Y. P. D.) stepped in for Walter Matthau as Little League manager Morris Buttermaker, but let's consider the youngsters on the Bears roster.

We'll start with Tricia Cast, who stepped into Tatum O'Neal's spikes as ace hurler Amanda Wurlitzer. Today's audience might know her from her soap opera work (Young & The Restless, if my memory is correct), and the last I knew, she hadn't done any more primetime.

Meeno Peluce landed two more primetime gigs. Paramount brought him back for the short-lived ABC series, Best of the West, but after that ended, he switched studios, and networks, co-starring opposite Jon-Erik Hexum on NBC's Voyagers!. Yep, that also lasted one season, and was last seen on RTV about a year ago.

Sparky Marcus was the clipboard-toting backup catcher, but toon audiences might recognize his voice as that of Richie Rich during the Harvey Comics icon's ABC run in the early 80's.

Christoff St. John also went to soap operas as an adult, and I believe he also ended up on Young & The Restless.

Perhaps the most famous alumni of the TV Bears would be Corey Feldman, whose film resume includes "The Lost Boys".

If anyone can fill in the rest of the blanks, I'd appreciate it. Anyway, here's "Here Comes The Coach":

Rating: B.


magicdog said...

I remember watching this show during its run and as I recall it was quite good for what it was.

I do remember Meeno Peluce being part of the cast since he appeared in a lot of TV at that time.

I didn't realize Corey Feldman was part of the cast! I don't think I came to recognize him until the movie, "Goonies" some time afterwards.

hobbyfan said...

You ain't alone. Feldman became more famous for his movie work in the 80's, along with his late sidekick, Corey Haim.

I remember being home on a Saturday night trying to figure out why the theme from an opera ("Carmen") was used as the theme to this show. The mind boggles.