Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: The Brothers Matzoriley (1966)

One of the rotating features of DePatie-Freleng's 1st series for NBC, The Super Six, was the Brothers Matzoriley, a 3-headed fellow with three distinct personalities, two of whom are voiced by the inestimable Paul Frees, who also serves as the narrator. Daws Butler voices the other head. This clip, supplied by Toontracker, also includes the opening & closing titles for the show, featuring a peppy theme song performed by Gary Lewis & the Playboys ("This Diamond Ring").:

DFE would continue to produce programming for NBC well into the 70's before being acquired by Marvel Comics. I'm hoping to find another complete story featuring one of the other characters down the road. I barely remember seeing this as a toddler back in the day.

Rating: B.

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