Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bad TV: WBF BodyStars (1992)

Every time WWE Chairman Vince McMahon tries to think outside the box, if you will, no matter how noble the effort, it always backfires on him and fails.

Take for example his attempt to cross into the world of professional bodybuilding. As McMahon is to wrestling, Joe Weider is to bodybuilding. In April 1992, McMahon launched WBF BodyStars, a weekly magazine series that promoted health & nutrition tips, as well as profiles of the men in McMahon's ill-fated World Bodybuilding Federation (WBF). Wrestler Lex Luger, sidelined with an injury in a motorcycle accident, would serve as co-host with Cameo Kneuer and, to a lesser extent, McMahon himself, during the series' 9 month run.

Matt Paolini uploaded this "Best of" slide show, which is the best we can do for right now:

If you were not into bodybuilding, this wasn't for you, even if the health tips applied to everyone's lifestyles. Once he recovered from his injuries, Luger would move on to the then-World Wrestling Federation (now WWE), only to leave after a less than stellar 2 1/2 year run in the ring, returning to WCW. The WBF folded by the end of '92, and BodyStars was cancelled right along with it, although McMahon would hold onto the mid-morning berth on Saturdays on the network for years to come.

Rating: D-.

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