Monday, November 22, 2010

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: The Mighty Heroes (1966)

Lost amidst a freshman class of action series that included Space Ghost & Dino Boy, The Lone Ranger, & The New Adventures of Superman, CBS welcomed Ralph Bakshi's Mighty Heroes, who shared a half-hour with Mighty Mouse, returning for his 12th and final season, at least for now. Herschel Bernardi (ex-Peter Gunn) & Lionel Wilson supplied the voices for all the characters in the Mighty Heroes episodes, including this one, "The Shrinker", uploaded by bobp3586 to YouTube:

Unlike the other heroes, The Mighty Heroes were a 1 year wonder, cast aside to make room for more Hanna-Barbera adventure series (i.e. Shazzan). The Heroes would return in Bakshi's 1987 reboot of Mighty Mouse, having swapped their tights & capes for the firm of Man, Man, Man, Man, & Man. As previously documented, Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures also lasted just one season, but there were other factors involved besides ratings.

Could the Mighty Heroes be brought back in the 21st century? Only if someone has the right idea & vision to make it work.

Rating: B-.

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