Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday Morning Ringside: Los Luchadores (2001)

Fox had a habit of shuffling its Saturday morning lineup every few weeks, rotating series in and out of the lineup in an effort to keep things fresh. Kids' WB! did the same thing, but it got annoying because neither could really keep a consistent lineup together.

Los Luchadores was one of those mid-season replacements that Fox would bring out, usually with a minimal amount of hype and advertising. Here's the opening:

What Los Luchadores aspired to be was a Latino version of Batman, what with its over-the-top villains. What it ended up being was, of course, cancelled. Fox's problem was scheduling Luchadores too early (8 am ET) in the lineup. I get that they wanted to find something that would be a lead-in for their more popular shows, and Luchadores certainly filled the bill. Unfortunately, the Nielsen ratings didn't seem to agree.

Rating: C.

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