Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Superhuman Samurai SyberSquad (1994)

In the wake of the runaway success of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on Fox, ABC needed a similar series on their Saturday morning schedule, and they got it with this short-lived series, which, like the Rangers, was co-produced by a Japanese studio. Squeezecheese uploaded the open to Superhuman Samurai SyberSquad, with narration by Gary Owens (Space Ghost):

DIC had last experimented with a live-action science-fiction series a few years earlier with Photon, a syndicated entry that lasted a year or two before cancellation. ABC would've been better off picking that up instead of this Ranger knock-off. In fact, ABC would acquire the Ranger franchise from Fox just a few years later.

Rating: C.

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