Saturday, November 20, 2010

Daytime Heroes: Bravestarr (1987)

Filmation's final series was the futuristic sci-fi western, Bravestarr, which replaced Ghostbusters in syndication in 1987. ExcelsiorUK uploaded the open to YouTube:

Bravestarr currently airs on RTV on Saturday mornings, and weeknights on Qubo (which now has its own channel in some cities; check local listings). From all indications, based on the improvements in animation, Filmation saved its best for last. Sadly, the studio closed its doors after the 1987-88 season, even though a proposed spinoff series was in production.

While Tonto (Lone Ranger) and Apache Chief (Super Friends) were the first Native American heroes on Saturday morning television, Bravestarr is the first one to headline his own show. Classic Media owns the rights to both Bravestarr and Lone Ranger currently, so what are the chances of making arrangements to bring these two heroes together, despite the large time difference? Something to think about down the line.

Rating: B.

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