Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Road Rovers (1996)

The legacy of the now-defunct Kids' WB! is a litany of popular shows that simply didn't generate enough ratings to complement the fan following and earn renewals. One such case was Road Rovers, which was at the center of the network's 1996-97 schedule. Here's the open to the series:

I was one of those people who was a fan of the series, and wanted it to succeed. Unfortunately, it only lasted 13 episodes, and hasn't been seen since Cartoon Network pulled the reruns off their schedule 11 years ago. Road Rovers, as I'd later discover, does have a rabid fan following (pardon the pun), impatiently awaiting a DVD release, which WB is reluctant to do right at the moment.

Rating: A-.


Tom Ruegger said...

BTW, the thirteen episodes of RR are a perfect circle. Episode 13 leads right back into the opening of episode #1.

You can watch the 13 episodes FOREVER!

Tom Ruegger

hobbyfan said...

Thanks for writing, Tom. Glad to hear from you.

Steven Dolce said...

How did this show end up getting canceled after one season and 13 episodes?