Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturtainment: Disney's House of Mouse (2001)

By the end of the 90's, Disney had begun programming ABC's Saturday morning lineup. House of Mouse was a lunch hour treat that aired from 2001-03, and was repurposed, of course, on the Disney Channel (until 2006) and Toon Disney (now DisneyXD) until last year. The Brian Setzer Orchestra performs the title song, and the talking microphone's voice belonged to the late game show announcer Rod Roddy (The Price is Right, ex-Soap).

Here's the intro:

House of Mouse served as a means for all of Disney's characters, including their licensed ones, to meet & mingle. It's too bad the series lasted just 2 seasons, but Disney did give fan-fiction fanatics plenty of material to work from for years to come.

Rating: A.


Anonymous said...

Well, at lease we saw Pepper Ann and her mom in the pilot. I could have seen the "other" Disney toon make guest roles like Darkwing Duck and the Gummi Bears.

hobbyfan said...

Verily, I'd have liked to see Tinker Bell meet Donald Duck, but that's just me....