Sunday, October 24, 2010

Daytime Heroes: Ghostbusters (1986)

In response to DIC & Columbia adapting The Real Ghostbusters to television, Filmation decided to dust off their Ghostbusters franchise. Note the spelling change from the original live-action series that aired on CBS in 1975, which we covered yesterday. Dirkweismuller uploaded the open to YouTube:

This time around, Tracy has traded in his beanie, which obviously didn't look right, for a fedora, making him a sort of simian Indiana Jones for the sci-fi set. He has to serve as a mentor to the sons of his original partners. Eddie Spencer, Jr. doesn't appear to have missed too many meals, but the aviator goggles don't look any more right on him than Tracy's beanie did. Apparently he couldn't fit into his dad's suits. Jake Kong, Jr., on the other hand, inherited his father's charm, such that he has not one, but two girlfriends, reporter Jessica and time traveling Futura. Some guys have all the luck. Unfortunately, once DIC & Columbia decided to add a weekday version of Real Ghostbusters, Jake & Eddie's collective goose was cooked.

Rating: A-.

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