Friday, October 15, 2010

Game Time: Starcade (1982)

Ted Turner, at the time in charge of superstation TBS, wanted to offer an alternative to the Saturday morning fare airing on the networks. Apparently, Turner hadn't done his homework, else he'd have known that game shows don't have a long shelf life as an attraction for the breakfast cereal crowd. Starcade made its debut in December 1982 and lasted nearly 2 years.

AdamNedeff supplied this clip with the series' initial host, Marc Richards, to YouTube:

After 6 months, Richards was let go, replaced by TV vet Geoff Edwards, whose resume included
the original Jackpot! and the 70's revival of Treasure Hunt. While Richards showed no real enthusiasm toward video games, Edwards became a fan as a result of this gig. Unfortunately, Starcade was cancelled in 1984, after which TBS began airing wrestling in the morning, and never tried another game show on Saturday mornings.

Rating: B-.

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