Friday, October 8, 2010

Family Toons: The Barkleys (1972)

The Barkleys, one of two freshman series DePatie-Freleng supplied to NBC as part of their "Terrific Ten" in 1972, owes its existence not so much to the then-popular All In The Family, but rather The Honeymooners, largely because the patriarch, Arnie, like Ralph Kramden, was a bus driver.

Here's the open, sung by DFE's chief songwriter, Doug Goodwin, to YouTube:

The Barkleys were meant to be something the whole family could enjoy, something that couldn't be said about the Bunkers on All In The Family. Coincidentally, NBC had a sitcom that debuted a year later in prime time whose protagonist was also a bus driver. But, like The Barkleys, Lotsa Luck, with Dom DeLuise, lasted just one season.

Rating: B.

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