Friday, September 24, 2010

Saturday School: Jambo (1969)

Producer Ivan Tors is better known for prime time shows like Cowboy in Africa, Gentle Ben, & Daktari. However, Tors ventured into Saturday daytime with Jambo, which aired on NBC in 1969. Daktari's Marshall Thompson is the host-narrator, and also serves as a producer. Thompson isn't the only one crossing over from Daktari, as he's joined by Judy the Chimp. 70skidvid uploaded the open to YouTube:

In essence, Jambo was treading the same ground as Wild Kingdom, which aired on Sunday nights during its original run, but put more of an emphasis on educating the audience. Unfortunately, the series didn't last very long, and if it were to be revived today, the only place where it would air would be Animal Planet.

Rating: B-.

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