Monday, October 25, 2010

On the Air: Generator Rex (2010)

From the creative team and producers of Cartoon Network's Ben 10 franchise comes Generator Rex, about a teenager who is half-human, half-Transformer. Yeah, it sure looks that way, doesn't it? Cartoonnetwork, which may or may not be representative of the network itself, uploaded a clip of the episode, "The Hunter", to YouTube. You are absolutely going to freak out once you recognize the voice of the title villain du jour, Hunter Cain.

Yeah, that is WWE's John Cena voicing Cain in his cartoon debut. With all the rumors of Cena turning into a bad guy in the ring, this gig could be a precursor. Oddly, WWE never clued its younger fans in, nor did they mention he was doing a TV-movie for Nickelodeon, which also aired last month.

As for Rex? The general concept of his show is a cross-section between X-Men (because of the anti-evo (mutant) sentiment present) and Incredible Hulk (because Rex's powers make him in the public's eye a menace, as demonstrated in the above clip, and there's the perception of his morphin' limbs making him some sort of monster). The animation's nice, but Agent Six reminds me too much of something out of the "Matrix" movies. Heh, maybe they can get Keanu Reeves to guest in an episode. It's not like he's doing anything these days......

Rating: B.

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