Monday, October 4, 2010

Literary Toons: Doctor Doolittle (1970)

Three years after the original feature film musical with Rex Harrison, Doctor Doolittle moved to television, adapted by DePatie-Freleng for NBC. This time, the good doctor is traveling by boat all around the globe, pursued by pirate Sam Scurvy (Lennie Weinrib, who was also a writer-producer on this show, and contributed to the theme song). who covets the secret of Doolittle's uncanny ability to communicate with animals for his own agenda.

Honestly, I can't see how talking to animals can enable anyone to rule the world. Anyway, here's a sample of the episode, "The Grasshoppers Are Coming, Hooray, Hooray!", uploaded by TheManFromUNCLEIllya to YouTube:

Doolittle, sadly, lasted just 1 season, and I'm assuming 20th Century Fox, which made the movie, also holds the rights to this show, which means it's highly unlikely you'll see this on DVD any time soon.

Rating: B-.

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