Friday, June 2, 2017

Toonfomercial: Remember Donutz cereal? (1980)

General Mills began the 80's by introducing a brand new cereal that trumpeted its arrival with a retro-doo-wop beat.

Donutz cereal didn't last long, a couple of years tops, but in a way, the company rebooted the product when they expanded the Cheerios line further a few years later. In my mind, Chocolate Cheerios is really Chocolate Donutz repackaged , as the "donuts" looked more like cocoa coated Cheerios in the first place.

Now, scope out this sample ad:

And the chocolate variation:

Yes, I tried it. How do you think I know they were "cousins", if ya will, of Cheerios back then?


Goldstar said...

I remember seeing the commercials for Donutz cereal in the 80s, but I've never tried it, which is odd, considering that I love donuts.

hobbyfan said...

The ads claim they taste like donuts, but, as I noted, they are shaped more like Cheerios. They were meant to have the donut taste once drenched in milk, I think.