Saturday, June 17, 2017

Looney TV: I Am Slamacus (Loonatics Unleashed, 2006)

From season 2 of Loonatics Unleashed:

Slam Tasmanian is recruited by a humanoid analogue for Pepe LePew, who happens to be running an underground fight club. Danger Duck decides to be Slam's manager, with predictable results. It all starts when the Loonatics try to retrieve some prehistoric creatures from a retro zoo, who've escaped. Pierre Le Pew (Maurice LaMarche) has eyes for Lexi Bunny, who doesn't return the affection (what a shock).

Here's "I Am Slamacus":

While funk legend Bootsy Collins sang the theme song for season 2. He didn't write it. Musical director Thomas Chase Jones did, so blame him if you think it was lousy. It's actually the 2nd worst theme song revision in toon history. The all-time champ came more than a decade earlier, with Fred Schneider's horrid rap theme to The New Adventures of Captain Planet.

Rating: A.


Steven Dolce said...

How did this show get a Season 2 anyway?

Goldstar said...

It's likely that WB had a contractual obligation to produce two seasons. What I didn't get was why this show had human versions of Pepe LePew and Foghorn Leghorn in season 1. There were already animals living among humans in this show's universe, so why not just make them anthropomorphic animals? In season 2, other Looney Tunes descendants such as Pinkster Pig, Melvin the Martian, Sylthvester and the uber-annoying Royal Tweetums were introduced, but it was too little, too late.

hobbyfan said...

As memory serves, guys, WB did have a 2-year commitment to Loonatics Unleashed. As for why Foghorn & Pepe had human analogues, it might be because the writers couldn't figure a way to create actual descendants for the series. Either that, or the Tremblay brothers, who developed the series, didn't do enough due diligence in research.