Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bad TV: 3 Dog Band (2009-10)

In 2009, Cartoon Network sought to recapture lightning in a bottle, if you will, by opening the Cartoonstitute as a new forum for creators to introduce new works. Two current CN series, Regular Show & Uncle Grandpa, came out of the Cartoonstitute, and there are various reasons why the others never made it.

3 Dog Band was one of those runts of the litter, so to speak. Created by Paul Rudish, who'd directed episodes of Dexter's Laboratory and the original Powerpuff Girls, this band literally is comprised of three dogs, all of different breeds and musical interests, as well as nationalities.

I know all about the struggles some bands go through to make it big. I've been friends with a small number of local musicians, and I've seen some professional highs & lows. What these pooches go through exaggerates those struggles a wee bit too much. Not only that, but when you have a character named Slime who loses his shape at inopportune moments, that's another joke that goes a little off the page.

Let me just sum up my feelings on this one. Meh.

Rating: C.


Silverstar said...

The short's title is a play on Three Dog Night (whose band name was possibly derived from an Australian saying for outback nights said to be so cold that you needed 3 dogs in bed with you to keep warm)...pity the short itself wasn't as entertaining as the latter.

Yeah, I can see why CN passed on this one; it was just too bizarre to generate any real popularity, and given that both Regular Show and Uncle Grandpa actually did get the nod, that's saying something. (Though I did enjoy RS and managed to get some laughs from UG).

hobbyfan said...

Oh, I knew about the TDN reference, as I'm a fan of that group from way back. Just didn't want to make it too obvious. Uncle Grandpa, as you know, I'm sure, was given a circuitous route, since Secret Mountain Fort Awesome came before UG went to series, and UG was reportedly spun off from there.