Friday, June 30, 2017

Saturtainment: Super Scary Saturday (1987)

Back in the day, Superstation TBS had everything you'd want. The Atlanta Braves were billed as "America's Team" (with apologies to the NFL's Dallas Cowboys), reruns of old classic series, and tons of movies.

While the Braves and NWA/WCW wrestling drove the station on the weekends, TBS did come up with a novel idea for movies on Saturday afternoons. Problem was, it lasted just 2 years.

Super Scary Saturday was a throwback to the monster movies of yore as they were screened in the Northeast and other parts of the country. Al Lewis reprised his role as Grandpa from The Munsters (which TBS had the rights to at the time) as host. He even brought along Igor the bat as a sidekick. This was, I think, right around the time The Munsters Today would launch in syndication, and, well, Howard Morton was no Al Lewis as Grandpa, let's put it that way.

There would be crossovers with World Championship Wrestling, as selected NWA talents, including the Freebirds' Michael Hayes and Midnight Express manager Jim Cornette, would debate the battle royal between, say for example, King Kong and Godzilla. Those segments would be over in the TBS Arena, while Lewis taped his bits in a separate studio.

Here, Grandpa opens the show, and we eventually get to a promo for the day's feature, "Godzilla".

Escapist fun, that's all it is. Too bad no one has thought about making something like this a weekly thing again. El Rey has their monster movie double features on Fridays, but they're not normally the vintage kind, more contemporary films fill the bill instead.

Rating: B.

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