Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Toons: The Mayflower Voyagers (This is America, Charlie Brown, 1988)

CBS experimented with the Peanuts gang by producing an 8-part miniseries, stretched out over a period of months, not nights, that would place Charlie Brown and pals in various points in history, a la 1974's U. S. of Archie.

This is America, Charlie Brown launched in October 1988 with the first episode, the Thanksgiving themed "The Mayflower Voyagers".

I never saw this episode or any of the miniseries, so there won't be a rating. We will, however, make a concerted effort to locate the remaining seven installments for future posts.


Goldstar said...

This is America, Charlie Brown also marked the first time in Charlie Brown's long career where he was voiced by a girl (Erin Chase).

hobbyfan said...

She wasn't the only one to voice Charlie in the miniseries. I think there were one or two boys that essayed the part.