Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Toonfomercial: Remember Sal & Arnie? (1970's)

The United States Department of Agriculture produced a series of short PSA's in the 70's, creating a pair of despicable characters in Sal Monella & Arnie Bacteria. The idea, of course, was to teach families how to properly prepare food and store the leftovers for future use.

Jackson Beck is heard as the announcer introducing this Sal & Arnie shortie.

Unfortunately, not much is confirmed about whether or not this series actually launched in 1973 or earlier. Today, we could still learn from these cartoons.


Silverstar said...

If memory serves, these 2 also appeared in a PSA where they were thwarted by the heroic characters Shirley Safe and Dr. Sound. Safe and Sound also appeared as live-actors in one spot, IIRC.

hobbyfan said...

That one hasn't turned up yet, Silverstar. There's at least 3-4 of them on YouTube.