Saturday, November 19, 2016

Animated World of DC Comics: The Super Friends meet the Balloon People (1973)

One of the better, more entertaining episodes of the 1973 Super Friends series saw the debut of a family of "Balloon People". Crim and his family have landed on Earth, and eventually become house guests of Marvin (Frank Welker). The Balloonians draw the attention of Noah Tall (Norman Alden in a dual role), and his marblemouthed sidekick, Twisty (Casey Kasem). Let's just see what happens:

Unfortunately, when the series was revived four years later, no thought was given to revisiting the Balloonians or anyone else the Justice Leaguers encountered during the first season. Would've been a lot more fun.

Rating: B.


rnigma said...

The early Super Friends episodes (the Wendy & Marvin, pre-Wonder Twins era) are known for their heavy handed pro-environmental slant, and their lame villains - Noah Tall (know-it-all, geddit?), King Plasto, etc. Why H-B never got to use the classic DC villains till later, I have no idea.

hobbyfan said...

There were regulations put in place, per Action For Children's Television, a few years earlier that forced H-B to take this route not only with Super Friends, but also Yogi's Gang, which bowed the same year (1973), and employed similar messages. The anti-violence rules were relaxed beginning in the 80's, then discarded altogether.