Friday, November 18, 2016

Looney TV: Rabbit Rampage (1955)

This is what's called karmic justice.

In "Duck Amuck", Bugs Bunny is secretly sabotaging a Daffy Duck feature as only he could. Now, it's a year later, and the shoe is on the other foot, except that it isn't Daffy turning the tables. Scope out "Rabbit Rampage":

Yeah, this not only was a sequel to "Duck Amuck", but a carbon copy, right down to the twist ending.

Rating: A-.


Silverstar said...

Wasn't really feeling the ending to this one. In "Duck Amuck", the tormenting animator was supposed to be Chuck Jones himself (verified in his autobiography 'Chuck Amuck'), but he couldn't appear in the film for the obvious reason that Joe Average Moviegoer wouldn't know who he was just by seeing him. Jones opted to place Bugs in that role since he was the only other guy who knew Daffy inside and out and who knew all the right buttons to push. But Elmer Fudd, the definitive shmuck, as the omniscient arbitrator of Bugs' sanity? I don't think so.

hobbyfan said...

Would it have been easier, then, to use Daffy, to turn the tables on Bugs?

Jennifer Schillig said...

Someone on YouTube said the same thing. "After all, turnabout ITH fair play."

hobbyfan said...

So, so true.