Saturday, November 12, 2016

Animated World of DC Comics: Billion Dollar Limited (1942)

The Fleischers and Paramount rang in 1942 with this Superman short, "Billion Dollar Limited". The Man of Steel (Bud Collyer) has to stop a runaway train carrying a fortune in gold.

I first discovered these shorts in the early 80's when a local cable system carried the now-defunct Satellite Programming Network (SPN, not to be confused with, of course, ESPN), which used these shorts on an irregular basis.

Rating: A-.


rnigma said...

I remember watching SPN in the early '80s - they ran a lot of really obscure B-films, a few British quota quickies, and plenty of public domain fare. Incidentally, SPN somehow morphed into CNBC.

hobbyfan said...

NBC bought SPN in order for that to happen. Thanks for reminding me.