Sunday, June 19, 2016

You Know The Voice: Paul Winchell (1969)

From season 3 of The Flying Nun comes what is really a double treat.

Paul Winchell, sans puppets, guest stars as Claudio the Clown, whose attempt at upstaging Sister Bertrille (Sally Field) only results in Sister Bertrille getting the attention of television executives. Uh-oh! The other treat? You'll see it in the first couple of minutes of the episode. Sister Bertrille sings and strums a guitar. I've read that Sally Field actually recorded an album in the wake of The Flying Nun. Judge for yourselves if this was actually Grammy worthy or Golden Throat.

Here's "My Sister The Star":

I wonder how many kids realized "Dick Dastardly" (Winchell) was appearing in this episode?

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