Friday, June 24, 2016

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Isis in Now You Don't (1976)

As promised, here's the concluding chapter of , well, we might as well say, "Now You See It.....Now You Don't", from The Secrets of Isis, with special guest star John Davey (Shazam!) as Captain Marvel.

I'm just going to guess, but the voiceover narration by co-executive producer Norm Prescott used here is from season 1, not season 2, since we noted last time that Joanna Pang (Cindy) had left the show, replaced by Renalda Douglas, who played Rennie Carol.

Now, don't you think CBS & Filmation would've been better served with airing one of the two episodes on Shazam!. to get that show's other stars, Michael Gray and Les Tremayne, in the mix?

No rating.

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