Saturday, June 18, 2016

Getting Schooled: The Great Space Coaster (1981)

The Great Space Coaster was the debut entry from Sunbow Entertainment, bowing in syndication in 1981, and enjoying a healthy 5 year run (1981-6).

The concept seemed to be lost amidst the format of the show, but the three human characters aren't exactly on board the Coaster on a voluntary basis. Baxter, the clown in charge of the Coaster, is himself on the run from his former boss, M. T. Promises (Empty Promises. Get it?).

As memory serves, the series resurfaced on cable (USA Network) after the end of its run. Unfortunately, the actors on the show were never heard from again. Coaster was co-created by Muppet veteran Kermit Love, and future Muppet puppeteer Kevin Clash is among the talents on the show. We know about the unfortunate end of Clash's run on Sesame Street, but you might not remember that this is where he had his first real break.

In this episode, there's a telethon to raise money for band instruments. Hmmmmm. Fat Albert managed to make do by improvising instruments. Why couldn't the Space Coasters?

Perhaps the most popular part of the show was Gary Gnu's newscasts. Wonder whatever happened to him?

Rating: B.


Silverstar said...

IIRC, Gary became a movie reporter in the show's final season. Guess the writers felt they we're running out of 'No Gnews' jokes.

hobbyfan said...

I didn't watch the show on a regular basis, especially after I started working for a living, so I missed that season.